• I was able to work on this a

    I was able to work on this a bit today, however, I am getting an error message "Cannot implicitly convert type String to DocuWare.Platform.ServerClient.FileCabinet. Any thoughts?

  • Gotcha, I am writing the File

    Gotcha, I am writing the File Cabinets to a Combox Box using the last line under the first section of code "fCabinet.Items.Add(fc.Name);"

    It displays quite well



  • Sure, what I have so far is a

    Sure, what I have so far is a Windows form that uses a test name and password to make my connection. It then has a drop down box that populates on form load to show the available file cabinet 


     var conn = ServiceConnection.Create(uri, "BasicAdmin", "admin", "TestSrv");
                Organization org = conn.Organizations[0];

                var fileCabinet = org.GetFileCabinetsFromFilecabinetsRelation().FileCabinet;
                foreach (var fc in fileCabinet)


    I then have a button that processes a CSV file and hopefully will insert the data to create a data record


    //Path for the CSV file.  
                    string csvPath = @"C:\Test.csv";

                    //Read the contents of CSV file.  
                    string csvData = File.ReadAllText(csvPath);

                    //Execute a loop over the rows.  
                    foreach (string row in csvData.Split('\n'))
                        //Creating array to read CSV into.
                        string[] cell = null;

                        if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(row))
                            cell = row.Split(',');
                            int docID = Int32.Parse(cell[0]);

                            Document indexInfo = new Document();
                            indexInfo.Fields = new List<DocumentIndexField>();
                            indexInfo.Fields.Add(DocumentIndexField.Create("Contact", cell[1]));
                            indexInfo.Fields.Add(DocumentIndexField.Create("Subject", cell[2]));
                            Document uploadedDoc = fileCabinet.PostToDocumentsRelationForDocuments(indexInfo);




    I hope that makes sense.


  • That is awesome, I was close

    That is awesome, I was close but did not get the Post command correct. I will post what I have when I get it working.



    EDIT: Well l was finally able to work on this for a bit and am not able to get "PostToDocumentsRelationForDocument" it is stating there is no definition for it. Digging around and will see what I can find.

  • Creating a Store Record through API

    I have recently been digging into the API using .NET and was wondering if there was a way to create a data record from data inside a CSV or XML file? I am able to store data + documents using the API but now I need to know if I can just store data.



  • That should be me, and yes

    That should be me, and yes that would be fine.


  • Does Fortis have an SDK and

    Does Fortis have an SDK and use dwcontrol files?

  • Strange thing, when I run

    Strange thing, when I run that as the address I get the error about incorrect version, however, now when I select Desktop Apps Authentication it works. Who knows what happens but it appears to be working fine now. Thanks for the help everyone.

  • Yeah we asked if we could

    Yeah we asked if we could create a script that would check daily instead of every time an invoice hit the server and they did not like that idea. Right now it checks the invoice number and invoice amount against all of the invoices in the system ~500k. We tried to explain to them that we need to add another way to limit the amount of documents compared to the trigger since they have grown from the time they initially had this trigger applied (back when they first started with Fortis). They said they want to be able to verify against ALL invoices no questions. I was just hoping that there would be a way we have not thought of yet in order to get the same results. Almost seems like the documents need to first enter some type of holding folder before being released into the queue. 

  • Duplicate check in Fortis

    Is there any way to configure a Workflow in Fortis to perform a duplicate check? Right now we have a client running a trigger on the table that performs the duplicate check and this has started causing tons of deadlocks becuase of how many invoices are in the system and how many invoices they process daily.