• Understood, thank you Joe :)

    Understood, thank you Joe :)

  • That fixed that one perfectly

    That fixed that one perfectly thank you. Second question, is there a way to have the second filed be either blank or "not mine" you can see this in the screenshot I attached.


    EDIT: Joe answered this question, thank you both for the help



  • Blank index fields

    We have a client that has migrated to DocuWare and asked if we could make a query that was similar to the on in their Fortis setup. The problem is the query in Fortis is set to look for documents that have a field left blank. Is there a way to do this in DocuWare? I tried setting it to predefined entry and leaving that box blank but it would not allow me to do that. I have a screen shot attached to show what the query did in Fortis.




  • Migrating PDF's and Data to DocuWare

    I have a question about migrating PDF files from a different document management program. They will be exporting the PDF's along with a .CSV file that contains all the data for the previously stored files. I know that I can create an import configuration that looks  at the metadata, would that work with a .CSV file and would there be any limit on how many files it could do? So if they had 1k PDF's and a single .CSV file that contained all the data, would that be OK?



  • Ok I will look into that.

    Ok I will look into that. Thank you

  • FortisBlue migration

    We have a client that is currently using FortisBlue. We are wondering if the Metrics tool can be used on the FortisBlue server to get a docCount, doc type, and any other information the we would need before migrating them.