After upgrading a DocuWare System it may happen, that file cabinets and document trays can't be loaded anymore.
Following error messages appear:

  • "Invalid colum name DWGROUPKEY."
  • "Invalid colum name DWCONTENTETAG."

The specified colum name may vary: "Invalid colum name DW..."

This behaviour is not noticeable during the upgrade process, the funcionality of the  file cabinets or document trays is not tested. A possible reason could be for example, that there is a custom trigger in the DWData database, which impedes adding new columns.

In DocuWare 6.10 you should use a newer version of Content Server Upgrader, which was published as Hotfix 04!

For solving this issue you can run a specific tool, which adds these columns. In fact it is doing exactly the same steps like during an upgrade process.
The tool is provided by default it the directory of the DocuWare Content Server "...\DocuWare\Content Server\DocuWare.Tools.CtServerUpgrader.exe"

Use the tool as follows:

  • Start Authentication Server and Database if necessary.
  • Stop all other DocuWare Servers.
  • Run DocuWare.Tools.CtServerUpgrader.exe tool via right-click as administrator.
    Now the command-line will open and the upgrade starts.

    After the tool has finished you'll get the message "UPRADING IS DONE" and the window will close automatically again. Start all DocuWare Servers and check the system. You shouldn't get the error anymore.

If it is still not possible to load file cabinets/document trays, you can start the tool once again. This operation can be repeated as often you like. The database won't be damaged.

Before you run the tool again, please verify in DocuWare Administration if the database connections are correct. The upgrader will use the configured connections for file cabinets (index entries) and document trays to access the database. If necessay please modify the specified database user and password. Furthermore you should also ensure, that the specified database user has enough rights to modify the database tables.

If you use custom triggers for the DocuWare databases you should disable them before running the upgrade tool again. Generally custom triggers within the DocuWare databases are not supported!

For big file cabinets with a high amount of documents it may happen that the default timeouts for database operations is exceeded. To increase these timeouts you have to edit the file "...\DocuWare\Content Server\DocuWare.DAL.dll.config". Adapt resp. raise following parameters there:

<dataSettings ... LongCommandTimeout="600" ConnectionTimeout="30" CommandTimeout="120" ... >

If the problem persists start the tool again and redirect the messages to a log file.
Start the CMD as administrator and type e.g.:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\Content Server\DocuWare.Tools.CtServerUpgrader.exe" > C:\temp\CtSUpgrader.log

Now you should get a file CtSUpgrader.log in C:\temp\. Contact the DocuWare Customer Support and provide this log file.