Here you will find information about which data is processed by DocuWare in the context of a support request, as well as how it is processed and how long it is stored.

1. Support Portal

a.  All data that you send to us in the context of support requests via our Support Portal will be transmitted to us in encrypted form and stored in our ticket system. These are the title, request description, priority description, your contact data (for partners also the contact data of the customer), test documents, log files, access data (if entered by yourself).
b.  Information on the processing of this data can be found in the following chapters.

2. Emails

a.  Emails (and their file attachments) sent by you to one of our support email addresses are automatically processed by our ticket system. These are either answered automatically, manually or converted into a support request.
b.  Emails are usually transmitted unencrypted. Therefore, you should never send confidential information such as documents, files or access data and passwords to us by email. Always use the Support Portal for the transmission of such information.
c.  All outgoing emails to you will be filed with the support request and stored in our ticket system.

3. Communication protocols (telephone)

a.  Memory minutes are also added to the support request in encrypted form in our ticket system.

4. Test documents, files, logs

a. All files that you upload to a request in the Support Portal or send to us by e-mail will be stored in our ticket system at the time of the request.
b. All files are visible to you in the Support Portal.

5. Remote maintenance recordings

a. Remote maintenance is generally done by us with Teamviewer. Information about the data security of Teamviewer can be found under this link. 
b. In exceptional cases, Microsoft Teams is also used for remote maintenance.
c. All remote maintenance sessions are automatically recorded. The recording files can also be found in the Support Portal.
d. The recording can be objected to in individual cases at the beginning of the session by notifying the person handling the request. The agent can then stop the recording.

6. Access data

a. Sometimes it is necessary that access data such as user names and passwords are transmitted to us in order to be able to process a request.
b. Never send confidential information such as documents, files or access data and passwords to us by e-mail.
c. Always use the support portal (comment function within the support request) to send such information.
d. In individual cases, access data will also be stored in a secure password safe for faster processing of future requests.

7. Retention period

a. All above-mentioned support request related data will be stored by us in our ticket system for 2 years from the time of the completion of the support request and will be irrevocably deleted thereafter.

8. Data Privacy Policy and CCPA

a. Further information you can find in our Data Privacy Policy( and Supplemental Privacy Policy: Rights of California Residents (