An area of the DocuWare document header is maintained exclusively by DocuWare CONNECT to SAP and is not changed once the document is stored in the file cabinet.
If an existing DMS for SAP documents is replaced by a DocuWare Integration, in most cases the existing documents will have to be migrated from the legacy system.
Since this migration is not carried out by CONNECT to SAP but by an internally developed GAPI application, the DocuWare document header must be fully maintained by the application developer.
If this is not maintained properly, problems can arise when displaying the migrated documents via CONNECT to SAP.


This sample code is inserted in the <Section><Metadata> areas of the header file of a file stored in this way:

Each section of the DocuWare document contains this description in the header.

The following must be observed when setting the compld:

  • In case of a one-page TIF document (or multi-page TIF as this is still only one file even though it has more than one page) Constants.COMPID is set to "data".
    • Constants.MIMETYPE to "image/tiff"
  • In case of a multi-page TIF document (e.g. DocuWare TIF, i.e. a DocuWare document consists of more than one file) the compId in the first section must be set to "data1", the second to "data2", etc.
    • Constants.MIMETYPE to "image/tiff"
  • In case of SAP print lists, the data section must be set with the compId "data", and the description file to the compId "descr".
    • The Constants.MIMETYPE description file is set to "application/x-alf"
    • The Constants.MIMETYPE data file is set to "application/x-alf-descr"

The source code of the DateUtil class used in the example above can be seen on the following page.