If not all Web instance files are available, you can install the Web instance again. This recreates the files of the Web instance and retains the settings of the Web instance.

Carry out the following steps:

  • Stop the application pool that the Web instance is assigned to (e.g. Classic .NET AppPool DW)
  • Delete all files and directories of the Web instance (e.g. DWWebClient) from the c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ directory
  • Delete the XML file <WebInstanceGUID>.xml associated with the Web instance from the %programfiles%\DocuWare\Web Modules\Web Instances\ directory
    You can find the Web instance GUID in DocuWare Administration.
  • Start the application pool that the Web instance is assigned to (e.g. Classic .NET AppPool DW) again
  • Delete the Web instance entry from the IIS metabase via IISMetabaseExplorer:
    • Download IISMetabaseExplorer from here:
    • Install only the Metabase Explorer
    • Select "Custom" as the installation type
    • And then select Metabase Explorer
    • Once installed, launch Metabase Explorer as an administrator
    • Next, delete the corresponding Web instance entry (see "Metabase Explorer" image)

      Metabase Explorer 1.6

  • Reinstall the Web instance via DocuWare Administration
    The following option will appear when you right-click on Web-Instances:

    Install Web Instance
  • Finally, restart the IIS using the command line (Start > Run > "iisreset")