A DocuWare document can consist of several files of different formats (TIFF, Word, PDF, etc.). These are called document pages. The pages within such a document page (file) are again called pages – though of course they are pages within the file.

A 3-page paper document that was scanned into DocuWare consists of three document pages, each of which is a one-page file.The document pages are b/w TIFF files generated by DocuWare.
For one document, a s/w TIFF file generated by DocuWare, a 3-page Word file, and a 2-page PDF file are linked together. The document then consists of three document pages:


1. Document page

s/w TIFF file

Page 1

2. Document page

Word file

Page 1


Page 2


Page 3

3. Document page

PDF file

Page 1


Page 2

Each document in DocuWare can have a maximum of 999 document pages.