How to lock Documents in File Cabinets?

If a user displays or edits a filed document, the document is then locked for all other users. While the other users may see the document with the Viewer, they may not add annotations or stamps or open it in an editing program.

Technically, this locking mechanism functions as follows:

A lock file is created for all documents shown in the Viewer or those opened in an editing program from one file cabinet.

The directory DOC_LOCK is set up in the Central Path. All "Lock Files" are stored here in one directory. As soon as a document is opened from one file cabinet, a subfolder with the same of the file cabinet is created. Within this a further folder with the name of the DBDATETIME of the file cabinet is set up. This is where you’ll find the Lock Files. The name of a lock file reflects the name of the first header file (DocID, first page). The file extension is .loc.

A document is locked from the Viewer as long as it is being displayed or edited. As soon as the Viewer of a new document is displayed or closed, the Lock File is deleted. If the system breaks down, the locked document is saved in the same way if the Viewer freezes: the Viewer retains the Lock File so that a file cannot be used by other Viewers. With either a system or Viewer break-down, the Lock File is no longer retained and the document is available again for others to use.

There are two different lock levels:

First Lock Level
The first level applies to all DocuWare graphic documents or mixed documents made up of foreign formats and DocuWare graphic files. The entire document is locked with a lock file found in the Central Path. If a user wants to open a locked document, he’ll receive a message letting him know which user has opened the document and that he will only be able to open it in the Viewer in Read-Only Mode. If this concerns a document which cannot be displayed with the DocuWare Viewer, a different display or editing program will start, depending on the settings made in Foreign Format Administration.

Second Lock Level
The second level takes over, if the first Lock Level has not been addressed. It only applies to foreign formats and works independently of the first Lock Level. Before DocuWare will open a viewing program, editing program or the DocuWare Viewer for Foreign Formats, DocuWare checks if a document has already been locked by another program. If this is the case, DocuWare will send out a message and the document will only be able to be opened in a viewing program or in the Viewer in ReadOnly Mode.

Document Locking is not used in the following instances:

  • If a user only has ReadOnly access to documents or a DocuWare disk (e.g., CDROM), no locking will take place.
  • Locking only occurs in a file cabinet, not in DocuWare baskets.
  • With a single workstation installation, no locking is necessary.
  • Locking is not used for COLD documents, since these are considered more temporary files.
  • Documents are not locked if DocuWare has been launched in ReadOnly mode.