How can COLD files be stored in a DocuWare file cabinet?

COLD files are stored in a DocuWare 5 file cabinet in .CL5 file format. The CL5 files are given a 10-digit number as a name, which is taken from the first DocID in the CL5 file.

A special subfolder is created for the CL5 files:


New subfolders are created under this COLD folder, each with a 10-digit number. The number of the subfolder is the number of the first CL5 file to be stored in the subfolder. For performance reasons, a maximum of 256 CL5 files can be stored in each subfolder.

Since normally only COLD documents are stored in a file cabinet, the DocIDs of the individual documents in a CL5 file are in ascending order, although not necessarily consecutive. The file names of the CL5 files and the subfolder names are also numbered in ascending order, but not consecutively.

The first document in the first CL5 file to be stored in the DocuWare 5 file cabinet has the DocID 0000000479. The CL5 file is therefore called 0000000479.CL5. Since this is the first CL5 file in the file cabinet, a new subfolder is created with the number 0000000479. The storage path of the CL5 file is thereforee: