How to correct the character sets?

To be able to correctly display the Euro symbol in the Viewer from data which is imported from COLD/READ, you must add the line "Euro=1" to the [Layout] section of the FRM file. In addition, the value "ANSI=1" must be adjusted.

Starting with DocuWare 4.5, arabic, greek and thai character sets are completely supported for COLD.
Further adaptation is not necessary if you only plan on using Win98/Me clients. For WinNT, Win2000 or XP Clients, the section [Layout] in the FRM file must be changed as follows:

For the line "CharSet=..." the following values must be entered.
For Arabic x 178
For Greek x 161
For Thai x 222
Standard value is 0

In addition, a non-proportional font must be used for COLD adaptations, which also supports the desired language.