In some cases, the user gets a warning that its document contains the identification criteria of more than one configuration. For users who do not have rights to manage these configurations it is difficult to know what to do about it.

You can check this configuration in the cache directory, which is located in: %LOCALAPPDATA%\DocuWare\Desktop\Activities

The directory contains numbered subdirectories for the different compounds. If you have multiple connections you can find the connection of the ID on DocuWare Desktop, which is the name of the subdirectory.
The configurations of DocuWare Printer and Web Scan are stored in this directory. DocuWare Printer configurations can be recognized by the naming *.(R).Xml . For example, "import bill(R).Xml"

You can ignore *.XAML files, because they only contain the description of the procedure. XML files contain parts of the printer's configuration, such as the identification criteria.