When saving a document in an archive (especially in a satellite file) you will receive a message similar to this:
Failed to save document: Error: Check all fields are valid values ​​for unique!
Duplicate entry -2147453784-1 for key2

Possible causes:

  • Case A: In the main table of the affected file cabinet, there is a unique index which contains the columns DWverid and DWsysversion. This index is corrupt.
  • Case B: The contents of the existing values ​​in column DWverid in a satellite archive were calculated incorrectly and as a result it populates the new documents to duplicate values ​​in the column DWverid which are not allowed by the system.

​Depending on the cause of the problem, take the following measures, respectively,

  • Case A: here it is useful to delete the existing database index DWverid from the combination of the fields and its DWsysversion and re-create it . The index must be defined as unique.
  • Case B: here is possible to check some of these points: Are the DWverid’s correct?
    In a normal situation the DWDocID corresponds to DWverid. However, if the customer has a satellite file, the DWverid is calculated in the filing of documents in the archive for each document. The formula states that we take the minimum value of the Integer data type and then add to this the document's DWDocID
    A DWDocID of 1 therefore results in the following value:
    -2147483648 (Minimal integer) + 1 (DWDOCID) = -2147483647
    This negative value is converted during the synchronization with the master archive to a positive value.
    If you find that the value of the sum of the integer value + the results DWDocID already exists in the table then you should recalculate the existing entries based on the mentioned formula.