Which components do I need to install in a DMZ?


  • Web Modules
  • Web Client Settings
  • DocuWare Viewer
  • DocuWare Desktop Server Components
  • Platform Services
  • DocuWare Imaging Server
  • DocuWare Administration

The DocuWare Web Modules and DocuWare Imaging Server need to run on the same system.
The DocuWare Administration is needed to create a Web instance on the web server.
In addition, TCP port 9000 (Authentication Server), 9001 (Content Server) and 8117 (Worklow Manager) need to be open to the LAN.
The DocuWare Web Services are not needed by DocuWare itself. They offer another API, which is only needed if you have external applications based on the web services.

DocuWare Desktop and its Plugins connect to the Web Server using HTTP. No need to open on specific ports. 
Client Modules connect directly to the Authentication Server (TCP 9000) and Content Server (TCP 9001).