Due to technical conditions, the standard Smart Connect read-out method only produces poor results for dialogs opened in Internet Explorer 9. 

You can still work with Smart Connect and Internet Explorer 9 by using the Clipboard Transfer functionality.

In the Assign Fields step of the Smart Connect configuration, draw a zone so that the list with the DocuWare index fields is shown on the right-hand side. Do not, however, assign an index field to the zone. Instead, simply click on the desired index field the button icon Fester Eintrag. The Fixed Entry dialog opens, in which you select the following values:

Fester Eintrag

Otherwise you do not have to define any special settings.

If you wish to use such a configuration, first select the term which Smart Connect is to transfer from the clipboard, and then execute the configuration either by using the Smart Connect button or the shortcut. (It is sufficient to select the term; you do not need to manually copy it onto the clipboard). Smart Connect then uses the selected term as a search term in Smart Search or as an index term in Smart Index.