Web instances:
From DocuWare 6.5 on there are no instances of type Web Client anymore. The Web client is available once you have installed the DocuWare Platform Services. You don't need to do any further steps.
Dialogs can/must not be published. All dialogs assigned to the user are available in the Web Client.

Web Client address:
From DocuWare 6.5 on there is one single address for the Web Client.
So far the URL could vary from system to system, it is now clearly defined.
In every DocuWare system of version 6.5 or higher the URL of the Web Client is http://<servername>/DocuWare/Platform/WebClient/
Using just http://<servername>/DocuWare is also possible. You will then be forwarded automatically to the complete address.
If there are more than 1 organizations in your DocuWare system, the organization is mandatory for the login.

New user interface:
It has been introduced a new user interface which facilitates the understanding and working with DocuWare.
Working areas are now clearly divided into their own tabs. Only the infomation the user wants to see is displayed.

New features:

  • Second workspace: It is possible to enable a second workspace. The second independent working area can be set up to your personal needs.
  • Index card view: Use this display option in basket and result and task lists, if you want to see the documents' thumbnail and the main index data at a glance
  • Various display options in result lists: For the documents that are listed by a search in the result list, you can - as known from the basket - switch between the various views: table view, thumbnail view and index cards.
  • Adjust formatting of values: In settings > my account you can select the country settings for the date and number formats individually.
  • Values ​​that have been selected with One Click indexing are now visible on the document and are highlighted when you are in the appropriate field.
  • Values ​​that have been recognized by Intelligent Indexing on the document as index data are now marked and are highlighted when you are in the appropriate field.
  • Google Chrome is officially supported as web browser

The Web Client has been implemented from scratch. The main focus was to take over all existing functions rather than introducing new features. The introduction of new features will take place within the next versions.

Functional changes:

  • Storing is possible only via a basket
  • The clipping feature has been enhanced. It is now possible to attach a new document also in front of the archived document. It is now possible to attach multiple files at once.
  • The keyboard shortcuts have been revised. 90% of the functions are now available over keyboard.
    You will find a list of the keyboard shortcuts here: KBA-34720
  • There is no recycle bin. If a document was deleted, it is no longer there.

Technical changes:

  • The Web Client is based on the latest HTML5 technology
  • Individual settings are stored either in the database or in the local storage of the browser
  • No Click Once
  • Edit and send documents is based on a DocuWare Desktop App
  • No Silverlight (Only Web Configuration (formerly Web Client settings ) require Silverlight)
  • Push notification technology introduced
  • Task lists and baskets are updated automatically via push
  • Less requests and load on server components

There is now only one passphrase per organization. You will find it in the DocuWare Administration in General - Web Access - Passphrase. During the upgrade to version 6.5, the passphrase of the first web instance (not integration) is transferred!

List Designer:
The result list designer is not available anymore. All settings which where specified using the result list designer are removed during the upgrade to version 6.5. Only the settings specified in DocuWare Administration are now applied. The number of entries is set to 100 by default, which is the maximum value.