How to use DocuWare Control commands with DocuWare Import?

At first create a new DocuWare Import configuration via DocuWare configurations.
In the category "Import", tick the option "Import metadata in DocuWare Control format".

Now specify wether the document file(s) and the corresponding metadata file are identified by the their file names, by the (sub-)directory or by an entry in the metdata file.  

  1. When the file name is used as the identify criteria, the file name of the metadata file and PDF file must be the same.
    • Sample for identification by the file name:
  2. If you want to use a subdirectory as identify criteria, both files muste be located in the same subdriectory of the import folder.
    To enable the option "By the directory they are contained within", you have to enable the option "The subdirectories of the selected directory" first.
    • Sample for identification by the same subdirectory:
  3. If the file name of the PDF file is to be defined by an entry in the metadata file, this must be specified in the metadata file with an "InsertFile Path" command.
    • Sample for identification by metadata:
      <InsertFile path="
      Invoice01.pdf" />

    • If the document is in a subfolder of the import folder, and the file name should be specified using the metadata file, the entry in the metadata file would look like this:
      <InsertFile path="C:\Import\Invoice01\Invoice01.pdf" />

In this case no sample document is required.
After you've created an import configuration, you have to create also an import job in DocuWare Desktop. There you specify which folder will be monitored and which import configuration is linked.

Sample .dwcontrol file:

<ControlStatements xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">
<DocumentTray name="
Document Tray Jenkins"/>
<Field dbName="
EMPLOYEE" type="Text" value="Mark Smith"/>
<Field dbName="
EMPLOYMENTDATE" type="Date" value="2014-04-03" culture="en-US" format="yyyy-MM-dd"/>
<Field dbName="
MEMO" type="Memo" value="This is text in the memo field."/>
<Field dbName="
REMARK" type="Keyword" value="one"/>
<Field dbName="
SALARY" type="Numeric" value="31,2" culture="en-US" decimalPlaces="2" />

You'll get more informaton and samples here:

You'll find a list of the DocuWare Control commands here:

Please note that the DWControl commands which are used in the .dwcontrol file for DW Import are slightly different than the ones used with DW Printer:

  • DWControl command for DW Printer:
    <dwControl:Field dbName="EMPLOYEE" type="Text" value="Mark Smith"/>
  • DWControl command for DW Import:
    <Field dbName="EMPLOYEE" type="Text" value="Mark Smith"/>

Here you can download a sample document with a sample .dwcontrol file:

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