Fortis: FormIt Web: How can i move from HSQL to SQL?

FormIt Web (frevvo) recommends moving from the HSQL database that it comes with to SQL databases.

Move frevvo from HSQL to SQL
1.     Make sure your SQL server instance is set to mixed mode
2.     Create new SQL login named formit
3.     Create FormIt database in SQL, make the owner formit
4.     Modify the frevvo.xml, by default located here - C:\FormItWeb\tomcat\conf\Catalina\localhost
5.     Comment out the entire HSQLDB Resource section
6.     Uncomment the SQLSERVER Resource section
7.     In the SQLSERVER Resource section, modify the url variable and change localhost to the SQL server name and change the databaseName to FormIt
8.     In the same SQLSERVER Resource section, enter the username and password of the owner of the FormIt database
9.     Download Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server from here:
10.    Place sqljdbc4.jar into here: C:\FormItWeb\tomcat\lib
11.    Restart the Apache service, wait 30-60 seconds for Apache to deploy the WAR then browse to http://server:8080

Additional Troubleshooting steps:
1.      Make sure SQL is in Mixed Mode
2.      Make sure you can log in with the SQL login that you created and can view your databases
3.      Make sure the SQL Browser service is started
4.      Make sure the TCP/IP network protocol is Enabled for SQL
5.       Make sure the syntax is correct in the frevvo.xml