What can you do, if the specified Fortis module cannot be found?
This issue can be addressed by adding the path to the Fortis & Fortis Viewers directory in the Path environment variable.
To do this, do the following,

1. Right Click go to "Properties" of Computer which can be found on your desktop or by hitting the Start button on the lower left.
2. Select "Advanced System Settings" on the left.
3. Select "Environment Variables".
4. In the box labeled "System Variables" look for "Path" in the list and select edit.
5. Copy and Paste the Variable Value to notepad and any other word program.
6. Enter in the paths for both Fortis and the Fortis Viewers directory.

Example paths should look like, (Paths may differ depending on your installation)

7. Once these have been added, paste the changes into the Path variable, press Okay.
8. Do an IISRESET and you're finished.