Ribbon Buttons in the Fortis Workstation are unresponsive. If you are using the workstation (System Admin, Database Admin, Scan, Edit, View) and find that a majority of the buttons on the ribbon do nothing when you click on them.

Please check the following:

  • Go to Help --> About... and check the dropdown's for "Components" & "Options"
  • Check if these dropdowns are empty or not. 

If these dropdowns are empty, there may have been an issue when you installed the Fortis Application. During the installation, the Options and Components would have been installed and this would show when you access.

Click on Help --> About... but you'll also see this in the fmconfig.txt file at the location, (Ex. C:\Imaging\FortisDT\Sysdata).
If this has happened, the Fortis application will need to be reinstalled.