"The specified module could not be found"

This error occurs when the "path" System Environment Variable is either incorrect, or missing the path to \Fortis\ and \Fortis\Viewers\. Alternativelty, it could be caused by the FortisWeb "path" in System Environment Variable being before the "path' to \Fortis\ and \Fortis\Viewers\.

  1. Right-Click My Computer > Properties > Advanced System Settings > Advanced > Environment Variables



2. Edit the System Variable called "Path"


3. Copy the Text to a Text Editor program for easy editing, and look for a Path to Fortis and/or a path to FortisWeb. Make sure the path to Fortis (blue highlight) is before the path to FortisWeb (yellow highlight).


4. Once you have verified the paths are correct, then replace the original text with the edited text. You will need to reboot the machine in order for this change to take affect.

You can no longer put UNC paths into the System Environment Variable section in Windows 2008 and up. You will have to put this in the user path instead. See the following from Microsoft: