When doing the installation of Fortisblue on Windows Server 2012 R2 and you encounter the error "PkgMgr.exe has been deprecated. Please update your scripts to use DISM.exe to install, uninstall, configure and update features and packages for Windows."


  1. Verify that all Prerequisites from the installation guide are installed.
  2. When at the Server level in IIS, on the Right-most pane select "Change .NET Framework Version" so that it's set to v2.0 rather than v4.0.
  3. Go to the DefaultAppPool and verify that it is also using v2.0 .NET instead of v4.0
  4. On the Server Level in IIS, in the middle pane you'll want to go to "Handler Mappings" and do the following,
    1. Create a new script map by clicking "Add Script Map..." You'll be doing this for the following paths: (.aspx, .ashx, .svc )
    2. For "Request path:", enter something like *.aspq
    3. For Executable you'll want to browse out to the 32bit version aspnet_isapi.dll file whose path should look like this: %windir%\Framework\v.2.0.50727\aspnet_isapi.dll
    4. You'll want to give it a name which corresponds to its v4.0 counterpart that you should see in the list.
      For example, cshtml-ISAPI-4.0_64bit is the 4.0 version and cshtml-ISAPI-2.0_32bit is what you will name yours.
    5. Under "Request restrictions" select "File or Folder" under Mapping and "Execute" under the Access tab
    6. Press "OK" and resume your installation.