The intention of this article is to provide information specifically for upgrading DocuWare systems using the Workflow Manager module. If this module is used take a look at the following advices, please.
General hints
  • Upgrading a DocuWare system that uses the Workflow Manager module might take a while. Due to the huge number of entries in the Workflow Manager databases we experienced upgrade processes taking up to a few hours.
  • In general we highly recommend to prepare all workflows considering the advices in the article "Workflow Manager -Best Practices".
How to check whether the upgrade was finished successfully:
    1. Open the database using the appropriate tool
      e.g. MSSQL Management Studio; MySQL Query Browser

    2. Execute the following query
      SELECT * FROM `dwworkflowengine`.`changesets`;

      SELECT * FROM [dwworkflowengine].[dbo].[changesets];

      SELECT * FROM "Changesets";
    3. Check the entries of the columns "Number" and "ProductVersion" whether they match the version you just upgraded  to according to this list
      DocuWare Version  "Number"  "ProductVersion"
      6.6 15
      6.7 17
      6.8 20
      6.9 29
      6.10 49
      6.11 63
      6.12 64
If the given version matches the up-to-date DocuWare version, the upgrade was successfully finished. If this is not true, contact the DocuWare Support, please.