Using URL integration, you create a long URL caused by many requests in the query. This long URL can lead to a blank page or a 404 error in the browser.

For security issues, the IIS filters long URL and long query strings in the URL.You can increase the default values.
Therefore, you have to edit the Web.config in the DocuWare\Web\Platform folder:
Add the marked parameter to the following areas:

1. <system.web>     
            <httpRuntime maxQueryStringLength=“4098“
2. <security>
                <requestLimits maxQueryString="4098" />
            </requestFiltering> ...

This doubles the default values, but you can set the values randomly up to "2097151".

Comments (1)
  • Once you change the values, you will need to stop DocuWare services, perform an IIS reset, and then start DocuWare services.