With DocuWare 6.10 a new Synchronization module in the in the System section of the DocuWare configuration is available for On-Premise-Systems. It simplifies the synchronization of file cabinets, especially the data exchange of different DocuWare systems - you can select file cabinets from the cloud and local organizations with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.
After you created the synchronization job in the the DocuWare configuration and start it, then you receive error messages like this:"System storage path is not defined".

The error message makes you aware of an absent system storage path in the DocuWare Administration.

Please open the Administration and navigate to General -->System Storage Path.

Here you can set up the a storage location of temporary and configuration files on system level. This path should be accessible from all server components.
After that please apply the change and start the synchronization job again.