How can you create users in the web client?

Starting in DocuWare 6.9, it is possible to create users in the configurations section of the DocuWare Web Client rather than in the Administration program.

Creating an User:

  1. Open DocuWare configurations from the web client and click on User Administration.

  2. Click on the + button at the bottom of the user list on the left side to create a new user.

  3. Enter a username and email address.

    • Note: this will be the user’s long name. The short name will be the first 8 characters of the long name. If the short name is already taken, the system will generate a random one.

  4. Assign the new user to any required roles.

Note! As of DocuWare 6.11, the system will send an automatic email to the new user containing a link to set their password as soon as the user is created. Therefore the following steps only apply up to version 6.10.

Setting a Password:

  • Provide the user with their username and the URL for the web client.

  • Have the user click on “Forgot Your Password?” at the login screen.

  • The user will need to enter their username and organization. If this is an on-premise implementation with only one organization, the organization field can be left blank. For Cloud accounts, it is required.

  • The user will receive an email with a password reset link.

  • Following the link will allow the user to create and confirm their password.

  • Once the password has been set, the user can log into DocuWare.