How do you clip new documents to an existing document?

It is possible to clip documents in a tray directly to existing documents in a file cabinet.

  1. Search for the existing document in the cabinet. Click on the split view button to open a second pane.

  2. Open your document tray in this pane.

  3. Ctrl+click to select desired documents in the tray, then drag and drop them onto the existing document in the top pane. Click clip.

  4. Drag the new documents into the desired order in the stack, and click the yellow ‘clip’ button in the upper right.

Comments (3)
  • Hello,

    It seems that the drag and drop functionnailty with DocuWare 7.1 is no longer available.

    Is that correct ?

    I can only clip a document from the tray to the file cabinet via the menu in choosing "Clip".

    Thank you for your answer.
  • Additional details : it is not possible to clip by drap and drop in the Tasks (it was possible in the Docuware version 7.0)
  • Hello,

    i tested this behavior within a DocuWare 7.1 installation.
    Clipping documents from a basket to a document in a file cabinet using drag and drop was possible for me and should work with DocuWare 7.1.

    If this is not working for you please open a support request at: Support Portal

    Clipping documents to tasks is currently not working in DocuWare 7.1. This is known behavior and has been solved within DocuWare 7.2. According to current information, this behavior will not be resolved for DocuWare 7.1.