What does the entry "SystemActivityLoopTreshold" in "DocuWare.Bpw.Service.exe.config" stand for?

(Note that the entry is not "Threshold" misspelled. That is how it has been defined).

One of the new functions in DocuWare 6.11 is the identification of loops in workflows.
The key "SystemActivityLoopTreshold" defines how often a background activity or an automatic activity (e.g. assign data, Web Service) is running - without reaching a task or a parallel task - before the instance is being terminated.
If there was a termination, it is assumed that there is a loop within the workflow between background activities or automatic activities.
In such a case the workflow will be unpublished and the workflow controller will receive a notification via e-mail.
Please keep in mind that you need to provide an e-mail address for the workflow controller(s).
The default value for "SystemActivityLoopTreshold" is "10".

The file "DocuWare.Bpw.Service.exe.config" can be found here:

Installation directory of DocuWare > Workflow Engine