Some services are not starting. When checking event viewer you will see the following error for the corresponding service:
ContentServer::Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at DocuWare.Common.WMI.Win32_ComputerSystem.get_Name() at DocuWare.Communication.AuthenticationServer.Identities.Credential.MachineID.get_CurrentMachineName() at DocuWare.Communication.AuthenticationServer.Management.Managers.GenericServerManager.Start() at DocuWare.Communication.AuthenticationServer.Management.Managers.ContentServerManager.Start() at DocuWare.Communication.AuthenticationServer.Management.ServerManagement.StartServer()
Obj Ref - WMI

This is usually seen on virtual machine servers and is caused by the Windows Management Intrumentation (WMI).

In order to get the services started again:

  1. Stop DocuWare services.
  2. Find "Windows Management Instrumentation" in services.msc.
  3. Restart the WMI service.
  4. Start the DocuWare services.