How can I create a file cabinet synchronization workflow on the configurations page of DocuWare?

The synchronization module simplifies the synchronization of file cabinets, especially the data exchange of different DocuWare systems. In the newly developed interface you can select file cabinets from cloud systems and local organizations with just a couple of clicks. Even data reconciliation is possible with hybrid cloud systems: Documents can be mirrored or synchronized from the DocuWare cloud, for example, into an on-premise system.

  • Some things to remember:
    • The new option "Synchronization" is in SettingsUI or the main web configuration page.
    • Almost any two existing cabinets can be synchronized.
    • File cabinet synchronization is not possible with cabinets, that have version management enabled.
    • No more prerequisites.
    • No more master and slave concept in regards to the file cabinet.
    • If using an older file cabinet workflow, configured in the DocuWare administration tool and you create a new workflow in the configurations page of the web client and both workflows are active you will have duplicated documents in your target cabinet.

Steps to Create a File Cabinet Synchronization:

For our Example, we will be setting up an on premise file cabinet synchronization.

1) Configure the "System Storage Path". This is a requirement, because it will be the central location where the sync-log files will be created. This will give the ability for users to download the log files.

2) Make sure you have two identical file cabinets within your organization.

For demonstration purposes, I have created a test file cabinet. It is a replica of PE Documents. If you do not have a file cabinet, create a new one, similar to what I have done here.

  • Note: If the synchronization is going to be connected between two external organizations, make sure the Platform URLs are accessible.
  • Note: Make sure the cabinets you are going to sync do NOT have Version Control enabled.

3) Login to http:\\<servernamehere>\docuware\settings.

4) Select the synchronization configuration.

5) Click on "Create new sync. job".

6) Name the sync job and select the source file cabinet.

7) Now select the target file cabinet.

8) Select the Synchronization Mode (select one of them).
  • Mirror: All new and modified documents are transferred from the source file cabinet to the target file cabinet.
  • Synchronization: All new and modified documents are synchronized in both directions.
  • Custom: Specify which changes are to be transferred to which file cabinet.

9) Do not select any filter.

10) Select the "Field assignment" and verify, that it is assigned correctly.

11) Now, click on "SCHEDULE" tab, click on save.

12) Click on the "PERMISSIONS" tab, add the user or role you want to have access to the sync.

13) Finally, click save. 

14) Now you can see your synchronization job.


  1. Execute immediately (even if scheduled).
  2. Delete this job.
  3. Edit this job.
  4. Next run time (if scheduled).
  5. Last run status (log file link), None, Successful, Warning, or Error.
  6. Active / Inactive.
  7. Cabinets and direction of Sync.
  8. Create New Job.

15) For testing purposes, click on "Start Once".

  • Note: If it is not working or doing anything, please check the log files in %programdata%\docuware\logs\DWWorkflowServer Errors.Administration.log. It will give you detailed information on why the sync is not working.

16) Results, the target file cabinet should have the same number of documents.