DocuWare server installation was done on a Workgroup machine but when the machine was joined to a Domain (or vice-versa) the Authentication, Content, Workflow, and other DocuWare services will not start.

When a DocuWare system is installed in a machine its Workgroup/Domain membership is stored in database. Therefore, if the services are restarted they will not start because the environment is different.

Using a database tool you access the database and make the necessary changes.

  1. If DocuWare is installed with its own database (DocuWare Internal Database), which is MySQL then you can use MySQL Query Browser or something similar. These tools can be downloaded from
  2. If DocuWare is installed under MSSQL then you can use SQL Server Management Studio
  3. If DocuWare is under Oracle back end then you can use Oracle SQL Developer or any other tool to access the database schema.

If you are in MySQL or MSSQL the table name is called DWSERVER and it is under DWSYSTEM database. In Oracle all DocuWare database objects are under a single schema. There is a column called “domain” which it will have the old Workgroup/Domain name. Remember that column names in Oracle are case sensitive.
You must replace the old Workgroup/Domain name with the new one.

Once the domain fields have all been updated, restart all DocuWare Services.. 

The below steps are just an overview. You can also use any tools or you can even use SQL language with an UPDATE statement. The database object names are the same across all supported databases.

Steps (this a quick overview)