You see the message Request from same provider not yet finished in the Job Server log ("C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\Web\JobServer\App_Data\Logs") or in the Desktop Service log ("C:\Windows\Temp\DocuWare\Logs\DocuWare.DesktopService.log").
That point us to the followings:

  1. Could be that the machines, where the Desktop Apps are installed, were copied/cloned from a master system, where the Desktop Apps were already installed.
    This leads to the behavior that all machines/Desktop Apps have the same ID, this is not supported.
  2. The Desktop Connection in the Desktop Apps was created from the same machine with different names or via the IP address. For example, the users have the connection:
    For example:
    Connection 1: http://localhost/docuware
    Connection 2: http://SERVERNAME/docuware
    Connection 3: http://IP-ADRESSE/docuware
  3. The Server have become a new IP-Address. But the Microsoft Message Queues contain the old assignments.

Solution to 1:

  • On Server side where the Job Server is installed save the folder C:\ProgramData\DocuWare\Jobs
  • Deinstall the Job Server and clear the folder C:\ProgramData\DocuWare\Jobs
    (You deinstalling the Job Server via the DocuWare Setup program and choose the option DocuWare Desktop Server componenten)
  • Install the Job Server and the latest HotfixPACK.
  • The latest Hotfixpack for your version you find at the Knowledgebase Center
  • After install the Hotfixpack you have to setup the instructions which delivered in the Hotfix PDF.
  • Test if the Job Server is available. http://[servername]/DocuWare/JobServer/Repository/Help
  • Check if the option "Service for DocuWare Configuration" and "Job Server" is set at the DocuWare Administration.
  • Restart the DocuWare Desktop Service at the client machine.
  • Create a new Desktop App Connection and test if documents will processed.

Solution to 2:
Delete the connection in the Desktop App and recreate a new connection with only one spelling.

Solution to 3:
Reset the Microsoft Message Queues: KBA-35787