Download links for Fortis & FortisBlue?

This FAQ will contain the download links to Fortis and FortisBlue and will be updated regularly.
Important Hotfix Information for Fortis 6.11 SP1 and 6.12  >

Fortis Media
FortisBlue Media
 FortisBlue 6.12 media
 FortisBlue 6.12 documentation
 FortisBlue 6.11
 FortisBlue 6.11 SP1
 FortisBlue Media Bundle: Versions 2.1 - 6.10 (must be applied sequentially)
 FortisBlue 2.0 media
 FortisBlue 2.0 documentation
 Older FortisBlue Versions below
Older Fortis Versions
Note: Fortis 2.5 or later can be upgraded directly to the latest version
Older FortisBlue Versions
 FortisBlue 1.5
 FortisBlue 1.4
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