Does DocuWare provide updates for Apache Tomcat?


No, but with the following instructions you can update your Apache Tomcat manually.

How to figure out which Tomcat version you are using:

  1. Open a command line.
    (Windows-Key + R, type "cmd.exe")
  2. Change the directory to the Fulltext Server directory.
    (e. g. cd C:\Program Files\DocuWare\Fulltext-Server (x64))
  3. Run following command:
    java.exe -cp lib\catalina.jar org.apache.catalina.util.ServerInfo
  4. Stop the Fulltext Server.
  5. Create a backup of the webapps folder.
  6. Create a bakcup of the server.xml file (you can find this in the conf folder).
  7. Run the uninstalldwtomcat.cmd which you can find in the Fulltext directory.
  8. Download the latest version of Apache Tomcat (
  9. Copy the downloaded files to the Fulltext directory.
    Do not delete the .cmd files!
  10. Restore the webapps backup from step 5.
  11. Replace the server.xml file in the subfolder conf with the backup from step 6.
  12. Execute the file installdwtomcat.cmd to install the new version of Tomcat.
  13. Start the Fulltext-Server.
  14. To now see your current version repeat steps 1 to 3:
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