If you are using very similar templates for DocuWare Printer, problems may occur during identification because more than one configuration may be recognized as suitable.

To avoid this, add an invisible element to the template you want to specify (e.g. white text on a white background) and use it as an additional identification criterion.

You use the "Standard letter" configuration for all outgoing letters. However, a certain type of outgoing letter must be handled in a special way. For these you have created a second configuration called "Special Letter". Now all identification features of the standard letter are also contained in the special letter, but not vice versa. As a result, both the configuration "Special letter" and the configuration "Standard letter" apply to the special letter. When printing with DocuWare Printer, you are now warned that multiple configurations apply and that the document has been placed in the default basket.
Add the invisible feature "{Standard letter}" to the template for your standard letter and use it as an identification criterion in the corresponding configuration. So there can be no more overlapping.