How to set up Connect to Mail with a Gmail account?

Follow the outlined steps below. Before proceeding, be sure that the Connect to Mail service is installed and running

   1. Create a Google account to be used with Gmail. Once created, click on the settings gear and select "See all settings."

   2. Go to "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab, if not already selected please make sure "Enable IMAP" is enabled. Remember to save your changes at the bottom right of the webpage.

   3. After IMAP has been enabled, click on your user icon and select "Manage your Google Account."

   4. Select "Security" on the left side of the screen.

   5. Once on landing page, select "Signing into Google". Under password, click "2-Step Verification" .

   6. Select "Get Started," then enter your Gmail credentials.

   7. To get your verification code, select "Text message or voice call," then click "Try it Now".

   8. You will receive a verification code via text.

   9. Once 2-step verification is configured, Under "Password" settings, click "App Passwords"

   10. From the "Select App" dropdown, select "Other (Custom name)".

   11. You may name it anything identifiable, then click "Generate".

   12. Copy down the app password from the popup. This will be needed for future steps.

   13. Open the DocuWare Configuration and select "Mail Services" plugin. Select "New mail service" and choose "IMAP."

   14. Enter the Gmail email address and then click on "Test Connection." Remember to save once completed.

   15. Now, select "General Email" plugin from the configurations page.

   16. On the "Import" tab, select what is stored from the email. You have the options to decide how and if the attachments are stored and what happens to the email after it is stored.

   17. On the "Indexing" tab, select the destination of the email and you must select at least one index field.

   18. On the "Permissions" tab, you can allocate who is going to use this configuration.

   19. Now, select "Connect an email account."

   20. Lastly, enter the email address and the password that was generated when configuring Gmail (Step 12).  Click "Create Connection" which will give you a green check. Then click "Activate."

KBA applicable for both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.

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