Is it possible to update a users password using the .NET API?

By product design, it's not possible to change a users password using the .NET API. Any password changes would need to be taken care of through User Management.

KBA applicable for both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.

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  • How to disable users in DW via API?

    Is it possible at all?

    i tried in this way:

    var dwConnection = ConnectionCreator.ToDwConnection(connection);
                        var org = dwConnection.Organizations[0];
                        var swUser = org.GetUsersFromUsersRelation().User.FirstOrDefault(u => u.Id == userId);
                        if (swUser == null)
                            throw new Exception(Resources.UserNotFound);
                        swUser.Active = false;

    there are no errors - but unfortunately there is no result either :(