Is there a limit to how many index fields a File cabinet can have in it?
Commencing in DocuWare version 6.8, there is no set limit to the amount of index fields that can go into a file cabinet.
Note: The more fields, the more database resources and maintenance that need to be done to keep up with the load.
KBA is applicable for both Cloud and On-Premise Organizations.

Comments (2)
  • This is not true. There is a limitation of the amount of table columns for different database engines. 

    In MSSQL as well as DocuWare Cloud, there is a limit of 1024 columns. 

    If you attempt to create more than 1024 columns in DocuWare Cloud, you will receive an error like this

  • CREATE TABLE failed because column 'FIELD_X' in table 'File_Cabinet_X' exceeds the maximum of 1024 columns.