Is it possible to use Document Processing configurations on stored documents?

By product design, Document Processing configurations can not be used on documents stored in a file cabinet.
KBA is applicable for both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.
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  • Any specific reason for this?

    We have documents that is uploaded to DocuWare through various means. It will be great if we can process / and or reprocess a set of documents already in the file cabinet.

    This is useful when the vendor has changed a layout, or customer requires additional information to be scraped on existing documents, changing the document processing config and testing it against a set of documents.

    Right now, its a tedious process of downloading the documents, deleting the original documents (therefore all the indexes, ie. received date) and reprocessing these through a folder import (sometimes, multiple times due to miss configurations/nuance). 

    Also, why are Table Fields not configurable in Document Processing?