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How to configure / enable High Security System?

Please note that the High Security system is only available with DocuWare ENTERPRISE Server Edition.

With its High Security options, DocuWare guarantees maximum access security to archived documents. Here is how to activate the High Security level.
The control of sensitive documents like personnel files, management documents or medical information can be placed in the hands of individuals who may not have special system or IT knowledge. Basic user skills are enough. The specially authorized users are the only ones who will have access to these sensitive file cabinets and are the ones empowered with assigning/removing rights for other users.

Even a system administrator can then be locked out of accessing sensitive documents. In addition, documents may be stored in an encrypted format in DocuWare. Encrypted documents in a high security file cabinet are then completely fortified against any unauthorized access.High Security
Activating a High Security system

High Security File Cabinets are easy to configure. On the system level, begin by first activating the High Security system. Within DocuWare Administration, choose the option High Security system found within the section DocuWare system under General. This setting will then apply to all organizations within the system, which means that all users and file cabinets can be set to a High Security level within any of the system’s organizations.Then go into the knot User Administration/Users to select a user whose Security level will be set to High.

The user that is configuring high security has to have “high security” enabled for himself because only users with high security can configure “high security” in the file cabinet level.
Setting a user’s security level to “High”

After this quick system change, a user is now enabled to change the security level of a file cabinet to High. The only requirement is that the user is the owner of the file cabinet. A File Cabinet is set to High Security within the section <Orgnization x> under General. Again, you simply set Security level to HighHochsicherheitsstufe_3
Setting the Security level of a file cabinet to “High”

In general, only a High Security level user may - as a File Cabinet Owner - set a File Cabinet to the High level and then ultimately have access to a File Cabinet set to High (regardless of who originally set the File Cabinet to High). A High Security user must also always have a DocuWare ID - Trusted Login is not possible. This prevents the administrator from changing the Windows Login in order to then login using altered data of a user’s High Security rights in DocuWare. To ensure maximum security, an administrator does not manage passwords; only a High Security user can change/reset an ID or set a Security level back to Normal (Within User Administration/ User x, reset the option Security level from High to Normal.)