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What are the different Attributes of a DocuWare License?

Independent of the type of installation you choose, you need the DocuWare Setup zip package, and a license file. You may request this file in the customer login area of our website ( It will then be e-mailed to you. Copy this file (dwlicenc.lic) either to your C:\ drive (since this is where the Installation Wizard looks for it), or at another location on your hard disk or your network which you can access during the DocuWare installation.

Starting with DocuWare 5 we differentiate between Concurrent and Named Licenses. A Concurrent license is independent of the user and the computer. A Named license on the other hand is valid for a particular DocuWare user.

If required, the system administrator can convert an existing Concurrent license to two Named licenses, and vice-versa: convert two Named Licenses to one Concurrent license.

If this file is missing or corrupt, you can neither install nor start DocuWare.
During installation of the DocuWare client you can select and install all add-on modules, but you can only start those modules for which you own a License.