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How to enable Debug Logging for DocuWare Services?

DocuWare Administration tool has a unique feature built-in into the program that allows creating debug log files for most DocuWare services and thick client applications.
Here is a quick guideline on how to enable Debug Log files for DocuWare services:
Make sure you disable the detailed logging afterwards once you have generated debug log files else the system may get slow.

  1. Open DocuWare Administration tool and go to Local > System Debug Logging
  2. In System Debug Logging window you can hook on the specific DocuWare Server you want to track to get a detailed log of it. The server logs are created in the folder %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\DocuWare\Logs\ and the client logs (DocuWare Administration or DocuWare Windows Client for instance) in the folder %temp%\DocuWare\Logs by default.

NOTE: When submitting the log files to DocuWare Support Department make sure to compress in zip format file because some file are large.  

Once you have enabled debug-logging you have to replicate the problem so that it generates the logs (Please delete the existing logs before replicating the behaviour to have logs that only consist the needed information). Once the logs has been generated please compress them in a zip format file and send it to the DocuWare Support or upload the files to your case support portal online. 

Logging in DocuWare 7:
To enable the logging in DocuWare 7, you have to open the DocuWare Service Control and click on "Open Log Administration". For each element in the list, you can choose a custom Log Level.