Vues :

When searching in fulltext and an additional indexfield following error is appears:
Error during file cabinet search: Full text buffer max hit count reached. Restrict your search or increase max hit count.

Solution suggestions:
1.) Edit the DWContentServer.exe.settings file from the Content Server folder.
Set the parameter „SolrIndexFieldsProcess“ from to „true“ and restart the Fulltext and Content Server.

2.) If the step above did not help please do following:
(Please create a backup of the dwsystem database before executing this step!)
In the table dwfilecabinet (dwsystem database) in the column "settings" exists a value for the parameter "maxhitcount" for each file cabinet. This value can be increased to the twice value for instance. There is no recommended value for setting this parameter. But if you set this parameter to high it may lead to a timeout after the search request has been sended. Therefore always increase the value carfully and not in too big steps. If you should now receive a timeout when searching you can decrease the value again. Note that after the adaptation in the "settings" column the DocuWare services have to be restarted so the changes in the database take effect.