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Fulltext does not work after update to DocuWare Version 6.6, 6.7, 6.8!

Possible reason:
If you update from an older DocuWare Version in several update steps to the DocuWare Version 6.6 directly it can occur that the before update process of the fulltext tables could not be fullfilled. This can lead to the effect that the fulltext is not available on the DocuWare Version 6.6.

In catalina log following mesages are logged in the fulltext server path:

org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: Error parsing fieldname: Expected identifier at pos 0 str='@rowtype, DWDOCID_i, DOCID_s'

In the dwdata.Task_Process table are Task 1 processes (Upgrade Tasks) and in the column TaskSettings following values are displayed.

FCUpgradeTaskSettings nextInProcessDocId="2147483646" UpgradeFrom="OlderDocuWareVersion"

Upgrade Task 1 from an older DocuWare Version

Also it can occur that there are existing old fulltext tables in the relevant file cabinet in which the fulltext search does not work any longer. These are for instance the tables filecabinet_FTD, filecabinet_FTDO, filecabinet_FTI and filecabinet_FTM which could not be deleted through the several updates.

Alte Volltexttabellen

Before you do the following steps make an actual backup of the dwdata database!

Delete the old fulltext table of the file cabinet (filecabinet_FTD, filecabinet_FTDO, filecabinet_FTI andfilecabinet_FTM) because they are not used any longer.

Delete the Task 1 rows from the table dwdata.Task_Process because there is no need for an update of the fulltext tables from an older version. The new fulltext tables which are used in the DocuWare Version 6.6 are the filecabinet_PAGE and filecabinet_SECT tables.

Restart the Content Server and reset the fulltext for the relevant filecabinet that the fulltext data could be processsed new.