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How can the fulltext status of a document be checked?


1. Check the actual fulltext status in a file cabinet
With following statement you can request the actual state in the [file cabinet]_PAGE table of the file cabinet in the DWData database (Fulltext state of all document pages in the file cabinet):

select ftstatus, count(ftstatus) as Number_DocumentPages
from [file cabinet]_PAGE
group by ftstatus;

Additional info - Overview on FTSTATUS (Fulltext status) in the _PAGE table:

  • FTSTATUS 0: Write fulltext data new into the _PAGE table
  • FTSTATUS 1: Textshot created
  • FTSTATUS 2: Error during creation of the textshot
  • FTSTATUS 3: Document page completely transferred to SOLR and fulltext index path

2. Get the fulltext status of a document page
Obtain the DocID (document ID) of the document first. Then you can get the SECTIONID (section number) in the [file cabinet]_SECT table by filtering using the DOCID.
Finally you can get the FTSTATUS of the document page using the SECTIONID as a filter.

2.1 Find out the DOCID
In the Web Client, open a document in the viewer and then select "Show index entries" from the Tools menu.
Choose the option "system entries" on the pop-up dialog to display the document-ID (see screenshot down below).

2.2 Find the SECTIONID
With the following statement you can display the SECTIONID (section number) of a document using the DOCID asa filter (see screenshot below):

select *
from [file_cabinet]_SECT
where DWDOCID = DocID;

2.3 Find out the fulltext status of the document page
After retrieving the  SECTIONID you can get the FTSTATUS of a document page with another query:

select *
from [file_cabinet]_PAGE
where SECTIONID = SectionID;

If you want to display the FTSTATUS of a document with several pages at the same time this statement can be used (see screenshot below):

select *
from [file_cabinet]_PAGE
where SECTIONID between [FirstSectionID] and [LastSectionID];

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