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How can I assist the Intelligent Indexing Service with learning index data?


  • One Click Indexing (recommended and should always be used if possible)
  • Manual correction using the keyboard (should only be performed as a last option and in exceptional cases)

The Intelligent Indexing Service learns with each correction process. If a particular document type (an invoice for a specific company for example) was indexed incorrectly and  then stored to a file cabinet several times, this document type needs to be stored more often with correct index data to get accurate index entries suggestions.

Correction steps:

  1. Clicking in the store dialog’s index field highlights this index field and the related location in the document.
  2. Select the required text passage in your document using One Click Indexing (activated automatically). You can either choose one word while clicking on it or a whole text passage keeping the left mouse button pressed and moving the cursor over it.
  3. If One Click Indexing carries on suggesting false index entries (cipher 1 is recognized as I or i) you should consider a manual correction by keyboard as the last resort.

If you want to delete the complete learning progress for all document types, you can use the delete function for your “Modelspace” on the DocuWare Cloud configuration website.
In order to do this, you need to proceed with the following steps:

Please contact our support team for this.

All learning progresses of all document types will be deleted and need to be relearned. All Intelligent Indexing data will be irretrievably deleted and restoring is impossible.