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What changes were made for select list only fields after upgrade to version 6.9/6.10?

Starting with DocuWare 6.9 the configuration for storing documents only with entries from a select list was simplified.


  • Up to version 6.8 "select list only" was defined on field level.
    From Version 6.9 on this is specified on store dialog level.

  • Up to version 6.8 there was the field right "Allow entries not in select list".
    From Version 6.9 on this field right is removed.
This may lead to the following problem after an upgrade:
Before the upgrade a user could store documents with any index entries. After the upgrade they are only allowed to specify entries from select list.

Configuration up to DocuWare 6.8:

  • The field "Company" has the option "Select list only" enabled.
  • User "Admin" has the field right "Allow entries not in select list"..

Store dialog:

→ User "Admin" can specify any entries for field "Company" when storing documents. No matter which store dialog he is using.

Configuration since DocuWare 6.9:
  • After the upgrade the option "Select list only" is removed on field level and was added on store dialog level.
  • "Select list only" for field "Company" was enabled in all store dialogs (as it was enabled on field level before).
  • The field right "Allow entries not in select list" has been removed.


Store dialog:

→ User "Admin" can specify only entries from select list for field "Company" when storing documents

To restore the functionality of version 6.8, you have to create or modify a store dialog and disable "select list only" for field "Company" .