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After an update to the DocuWare versions 6.5, 6.6, 6.7 or 6.8 it can happen that the following message is displayed while trying to store documents:

Field with DBName 'DWINTELLIXHINTS' is already added!

Please note: This article refers to experienced DocuWare users! A backup of the dwsystem database is recommended since any error in editting will render the file cabinet inaccessible.

Navigate in the dwsystem database to  the table dwfilecabinet and copy the values from the column settings of the affected file cabinet (to a notepad editor).
If the line with the "DWIntellixhints" which is displayed down below is not available then it has to be added.
After the tag is added this whole information has to be updated in the settings column for the affected file cabinet with an update statement (Too many entries to simply add the information manually in the concerned settings column).

An example for the entries in a settings column of a file cabinet:



dbName="DWDOCSIZE" displayName="Document Size" guid="6833ffba-de22-4682-90c3-53e6964400b7" id="-4"></SystemField><SystemField dwType="Int" dwLength="-1" dbName="DWVERID" displayName="Version ID" guid="16234cff-8803-42cb-a964-13c9823ebcf3" id="-5"></SystemField><SystemField dwType="Int" dwLength="-1" dbName="DWSYSVERSION" displayName="Version" guid="cd5a188a-8b6a-4a04-9203-23744f4d7497" id="-6">

</SystemField><SystemField dwType="Long" dwLength="-1" dbName="DWFLAGSEX" displayName="Extended Flags" guid="f8edc432-4e99-48b5-a9fa-f5865934092a" id="-7"></SystemField>

<SystemField dwType="TextVar" dwLength="-1" dbName="DWINTELLIXHINTS" displayName="Intellix hints" guid="de146b7e-1e1f-4ed7-9a6f-7a36ca32777d" id="-8"></SystemField>


<Misc maxIndexSearchHits="10000"><PrintInfo fontSize="10" active="false" fontName="Arial" fillLines="true" fields="true" headWords="true" memoField="false" printStamp="false" xstart="10" ystart="10" transparent="true" /><SelectList timeout="15000" /></Misc><ThumbnailSettings showAnnotations="true" /><FullTextOptions realtimeTextshotGeneration="false" maximumTextshotsPerSection="100" fullTextSupport="false" isCaseSensitive="false" ocrTemplate="00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" maxIndexPageSize="1" fullTextStorageLocationGuid="c7f97497-db2a-474d-9b33-4ee26d3f03d1" fullTextProcessGuid="00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" minWordLenght="4" maxHitCountType="Absolute" maxHitCount="1000" transactionalDatabaseTables="false" autoRotate="false" solrConnectionGuid="00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" solrApplicationName="" ftVersion="DW51c"></FullTextOptions><Validation /><VersionManagementOptions enable="false" documentHistory="false" /></FileCabinet>

If several file cabinets have this issue, the GUID (In the bold line) has to be changed on the last 4 letters (Valid values are hexadecimal: 0 - 9; a - f) because the GUID must be always unique.

Restart all DocuWare services so the changes take effect.