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How can I optimize the performance of the fulltext server?

With following steps the CPU load which is caused by the OCR processes (Imaging Worker processes) for the fulltext server can be optimized on the system:
1.) Deactivate an unused and resource wasting feature
With the changes to the solrconfig.xml file described here, you can deactivate a feature which is activated by default, but not yet used by DocuWare. This wastes resources and it may be a factor in causing the behavior described in this article.
You can typically find the file in the following path:
C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\Full-Text Server\webapps\solrt\solr\conf

Please adapt the file as shown (highlighted) in the screenshot below.

Deactivate the resource wasting feature
This step is also handled in a different context in the KBA-35222.

2.) Assign the fulltext server more memory
You can assign the fulltext server more RAM that it can work with optimal resources to avoid unneccesary load on the CPU of the system.
For this navigate to the fulltext server path (till DocuWare 6.7 by default in the path C:\Program Files (x64)\DocuWare\Full-Text Server; after DocuWare 6.8 by default in the path C:\Programm Files\DocuWare\Full-Text Server)
and run the program “configdwtomcat.cmd“.
Then navigate to the tab "JAVA" and increase the parameters “Initial memory pool“ und “maximum memory pool“ each to 1225 (MB) (see screenshot below).

Memory for the fulltext service

If you set the memory to high on the server the fulltext service will not start any more (This behaviour is only relevant till DocuWare 6.7 because the 32 bit fulltext server is used).
For this simply reduce the assigned memory for instance to 1024 MB and try to start the fulltext server again.
Please note that since the DocuWare Version 6.8 the 64 Bit fulltext server is used and therefore the RAM can be increased up to 4096 (MB) in the two parameters.

Afterwards restart the Fulltext Server service that the changes take effect.
This step is also handled in a different context in the  KBA-35222.

3.) Reduce the amount of the Imaging Worker processes
For this navigate to the Content Server path (by default in the path C:\Programm Files (x64)\DocuWare\Full-Text Server) and open the DWContentServer.exe.settings file.
Here you can find the parameter ImagingProcessing if you have a DocuWare server running after DocuWare version 6.7 (In DocuWare version 6.0 - 6.6 this is the parameter ProcessSectionContent).
This paramter Imaging Processing (or ProcessSeciontionContent in DocuWare version 6.0 - 6.6) controls the heavy CPU operations for the creation of the textshots for the documents.
You can adapt the value of this parameter and set it to the maximum amount of CPU Cores of the server for parallel processing or reduce it till 1 (0 is not a valid value - see screenshot below for the parameters and the default values).
If the load of the system is to high through the fulltext server you can reduce the parameter ImagingProcessing (or ProcessSeciontContent). If the processing of the fultext information is too slow and you have more CPU cores than the default value you can increase the value for this parameter.

Note if your reduce the value of this parameter the CPU load will be reduced but it takes longer to read out the fulltext information over the OCR engine because of fewoer running parallel Imaging Worker procceses. If you increase the value for this parameter up to the number of CPU cores on your system the fulltext processing of all documents will be faster but the CPU load might get to high. Therefore adapt the value for the parameter in that way that it fits to the sytem resources and your needs.
Afterwards a restart of the Cotent Server service is needed that the changes take effect.

Since DocuWare Version 6.7: Adapt the parameter ImagingProcessing

DW6.0 - DW6.6: Adapt the parameter ProcessSectionContent

4.) Define PAUSE times for the Imaging Worker processes (set only by demand)
If the steps above did not help to decrease the load of the CPU significant you can set PAUSE times that the Imaging Worker processes for the fulltext server run only on defined times.
Please note that the fulltext information of new stored documents (alternatively on resetted fulltext information of documents) are only available after processing them over the Imaging Worker processes.

For this step please have a look at the articles below:
On the DocuWare Version 6.5 - 6.6 please go through:

Since the DocuWare Version 6.7 please do the following: KBA-35444