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On some laptops, you may come across a situation where you open the scan tab in DocuWare Desktop and encounter the message that DocuWare is retrieving properties of your scanner. The message does not clear itself out and the Desktop Application freezes.

retrieving properties of selected scanner

It is possible that the DocuWare Capture Service is incorrectly detecting your laptop’s webcam as a scanner and trying to communicate with it. To check if this is the case, run the Desktop Log Collector (see FAQ#3804) and examine the DocuWare.Desktop.CaptureService.Host.log file for the following error:

Unable to determine supported chromaticities of device 'HP HD Webcam [Fixed]'</message><exception>Vintasoft.Twain.TwainDeviceCapabilityException: Capability is not supported

The exact verbiage of the error may vary depending on the laptop model.

You will need to disable the webcam and remove the webcam driver by doing the following:

  • Boot the laptop into the BIOS and disable the webcam. Refer to the OEM manual for this process, as it varies by hardware.
  • Reboot the laptop.
  • In the Windows control panel, open “Programs and Features” from the control panel.
  • Identify and remove the webcam driver package from this list.
  • Reboot the laptop again.