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You’ve set up a data file connection for Autoindex, but when you’re creating the workflow, the fields are not in the dropdown when matching them to a file cabinet field.

The data type of the field being indexed has to match the data type of the external data. For instance, you cannot use a field designated as text to update a file cabinet field that is designated as an integer.
If your external data is coming from a database, you will need to create a new column in that database with the correct type, then convert and migrate your data over. If your external data is a file connection, you can resolve this problem in the admin tool. 
In DocuWare Administration, go to the fields section for the file cabinet and make note of the field type you will be indexing.



Navigate to the file connection. Find the column that contains your data for that field.

Change the type to match the type you identified in the cabinet. Click apply after making your changes.